Frequently Asked Questions

Production Process Questions:

Where is DisSolves located?

DisSolves is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA.

Where are the pods made?

We work with several manufacturers to create the final converted goods (store ready pods). Most of our pod converting partners are based in the Midwestern United States.

Where is DisSolves’ packaging made?

Our ingredients are sourced and our packaging is produced in the United States.

What certifications does DisSolves have?

Our film production facility and our pod packaging partner’s facility are cGMP certified.

What is the minimum order quantity for pods?

Our minimum orders are flexible and depend on the product being packaged. For commercial orders, we recommend producing at least 25,000 servings to justify the setup and cleaning costs. Before commercial production, smaller sample runs are done to determine the production parameters.

What is the maximum capacity of the facility?

The pod-machines produce up to 1,000 pods a minute, so we can accommodate large order sizes.

Can my company or I purchase a pod-converting machine?

Yes. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information regarding sourcing a machine.

Can DisSolves assist my company in acquiring the manufacturing equipment needed to do inhouse pod production?

Yes. Please contact us at [email protected], and once we understand your production needs, we can help you source an appropriate machine.

What type of packaging do the protein powder pods currently on the market use?

The food pods currently on the market are made using polyvinyl alcohol.

Can DisSolves assist in creating pods with polyvinyl alcohol or films other than DisSolves’, all-natural film?

While we prioritize DisSolves’ film when it is the best option, we work with packagers with extensive experience using polyvinyl alcohol, and we are able to assist in pod production with several films including polyvinyl alcohol.

Can I order just a few pods?

At this scale, all pods would be made by hand and will not accurately reflect the quality of the final converted good. We would be happy to supply sample film, so you can make sample pods.

Can pods be made by hand?

When pods are made by hand, there is specialized equipment required to form and seal that are similar to the pods made during production. Check out this video showing this process here.

What shapes of pods can be made?

Most pods are rounded rectangles because this shape is the most efficient in terms of packaging. Pod cavities are available for the most common sizes, and custom size and shape cavities can be machined for an additional cost (generally ~$30,000 per custom cavity development).

What size of pods can be made?

For powdered products, 0.5 gram to 60 gram pods are possible.

Film Characteristics:

What is the shelf-life of the pods?

Generally, it is similar to the product’s shelf-life without the pod packaging. We do recommend companies test the shelf-life of the final, podded product in its secondary packaging.

Can I use your film to make pods containing liquids?

More often than not, liquids will contain too much water to be compatible with our packaging. As a rule of thumb, products over 8% water content will not be compatible; however, there are exceptions. Please contact us if you would like to package a liquid, so we can evaluate your product’s compatibility.

What about those Glenlivet Whiskey Pods I read about?

While these pods are made with similar ingredients, there are a few key differences highlighted in this article: Shark Tank and Whisky Pods. Briefly, these pods are not designed to dissolve in water and have a relatively short shelf-life.

Can I print on DisSolves’ film?

We have successfully printed on our packaging using edible ink and a flexography printing process. We are happy to provide samples to test with your printing process.

Can the packaging be used for things other than food and supplements?

DisSolves’ film can be used on a wide range of products. Please contact us at [email protected], and we will evaluate your formula for compatibility.

Does your packaging contain polyvinyl alcohol?

Absolutely not. DisSolves’ packaging is made with only high-quality, natural, and vegan ingredients. Please email us at [email protected] for more information about our ingredients.

How strong are your pods?

Our packaging is more durable than many of the pods on the market and strong enough to take on the go.

Does DisSolves’ film contain calories?

DisSolves’ film has almost no effect on the nutrition facts. Our all-natural ingredients are primarily soluble fiber and only present is small quantities in the end product. Contact us with the serving size of your product, and we will estimate the effect our packaging will have on the nutrition facts of your product.

How long does it take for your pods to dissolve in water?

In cold water, the packaging will completely dissolve after 20-30 seconds when using a shaker bottle and 30-40 seconds when stirred in a cup. In hot water, the packaging will dissolve even faster. The film will dissolve almost immediately in a blender.

Does the temperature of the water make a difference?

Our packaging is designed to dissolve quickly in both hot and cold water. The packaging does dissolve faster in hot water.

Will DisSolves’ packaging dissolves in liquids other than water?

Our film will also dissolve in most water-based liquids, including milk and nut-based milks.

How comparable is DisSolves’ film to polyvinyl alcohol?

They are very comparable in dissolvability. DisSolves’ film is made thicker than most polyvinyl alcohol films to reduce the breakage of pods, which can lead to slightly longer dissolving time.

Pricing, Samples, and Contact Information:

Can I purchase DisSolves’ film right now?

We can currently provide samples from out pilot production line. We are finalizing our production process for commercial orders. If you would like to guarantee your spot when full-scale production begins, please contact us at [email protected].

Can I have a sample of DisSolves’ film?

Please send an email to [email protected] with your name, company name, address, the product(s) you are interested in packaging, and the stage of your product launch.

Can I currently purchase a product using DisSolves’ packaging in store or online?

Since DisSolves’ packaging is new, the products we are designing with brands are in are in the product development stage and will be available to the public in the near future.

Can I speak to someone about your packaging?

Please request an appointment via the chatbot on our site, submit a contact form, or email us at [email protected].

I have a questions that was not addressed in this FAQ, how can I find an answer?

Please fill out the contact form on our site or email [email protected] to request a meeting.

Are you hiring?

We are not hiring for any direct positions at this time. However, we are always interested in hearing from individuals who share our interests and have complementary skill-sets. If that’s you, please send an email about how you believe you will fit in our organization and including your resume to [email protected].